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Heaven's Angels Fund Scholarship - In Memory of Erica Kilpatrick  

This scholarship was granted by the Heaven's Angel Fund in memory and honor of Erica, and was given to one student from Erica's senior class at L.C. Bird High School.  To be considered for the scholarship, the students had to write an essay.  From all of the essays that were submitted, Sean Nelson's essay was chosen as the winner.  He was presented with the scholarship at the Senior Awards Ceremony, June 2006.

February 20, 2006  
For those of you that made it out to the candlelight memorial for Erica on Monday, February 20th -- it was a beautiful service.  We want to thank Clark Anders and Pastor Shawn for putting this service together.

It was a wonderful tribute to Erica for all of us that love her to have come together to comfort each other, and to share memories of her.

God bless.

Spring Concert - May 23, 2005  

     L.C. Bird's auditorium was packed.  This was the last concert of the year -- the last one without that special soprano, Erica Dawn Kilpatrick. 
     Following the last performances of Sudden Image and Reflections, Mr. Tylus came up on stage and read the statement written by us as we turned over the proceeds of the Erica Dawn Kilpatrick Memorial Fund to the show choirs.
     Then the stage began filling with both show choirs and the concert chorus all wearing the special memorial t-shirts they had designed for the occasion.  The house lights were brought low, the projector screen was lowered from the ceiling, and after some slight technical difficulty, the projector was started -- and the slide show began.
     Erica, while your pictures flashed on the screen the words to For Good were sung.  The lyrics talk about “people come into our lives, bringing something we must learn”, and “because I knew you, I’ve been changed for the better”, and “you’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart”. Some of your friends had a hard time getting the words out -- and we, your family, and the entire audience, had a hard time just getting through it all.
     When the song was over -- the auditorium was completely quiet except for the sniffles, crying and occasional cough from the dark.  Your friends came over and gave me and your father sunflowers.  We hugged them, and cried with them.
     Erica, it was the most beautiful tribute to you.  We love you so much, and miss you even more.  Rest in peace, my doots.  You were right – you WILL NOT  be forgotten.

Erica Dawn Kilpatrick Memorial Fund  
     This fund was established by her parents for donations in lieu of funeral flowers.  Over the past three months it has grown to $4,200 which was given to the L.C. Bird's show choir groups (Reflections and Sudden Image) during the Spring Concert on May 23, 2005.
     The proceeds will be used to purchase a new synthesizer/keyboard for the show choir, and it will have a gold bar on it commemorating Erica's life and love of music.

Erica Dawn Kilpatrick Music Scholarship  

(formerly the Music Booster Scholarship)  This scholarship will be given out each year at the Spring Concert to two seniors who will be going into the Arts.

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