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Happy birthday  / Maureen Klecak (Friends mom )  Read >>
Happy birthday  / Maureen Klecak (Friends mom )
I just want to give you an update claudia she will be an RN is few months. You would be so proud of her .it was a challenge for her to return to mcv after loosing some good friends there but she got over her fear and she works there she plans on continuing and getting her bs degree ...yes claudia ... She works two jobs goes to school and a great mom an wife.KKendal is headed to kindergarten so you have got to make sure she is safe .Claudia is very protective and Kendal has a huge heart she's a trip I think she she's the one in charge at the Winstead household next charleen or Charlie well she's headed to highschool yes highschool she's got her countdown for driving going on I think 16months and she is so much like claudia she looks like her and acts like her so you got help me out keep her safe.well I'm sure you are on top of things we all miss you and think about you you are sadly missed but not forgotten love u always Close
Always in my thoughts  / Chelsea Turner (friend)  Read >>
Always in my thoughts  / Chelsea Turner (friend)
I miss you so much. I think about you often so much I wanna tear up but I remain strong for you bc I know you'd make a funny face and cheer me up. I was with krystal last weekend and we talked about all the good times it's been and how it's been 9 year and 4 years for Mrs gregory. Tell her I miss her also an a love her very much. Krystal and I sang one of the songs on your slide show and ot definitely made both of us tear up. But it's not tears of sorrow my angel it's tears that you changed our lives and so many others. I love you and you will always always be the crazy girl that could cheer anyone up. Till we meet again. Love you always Chelsea Turner Close
miss you  / Joshua Sebree (uncle)  Read >>
miss you  / Joshua Sebree (uncle)
I miss you very much Erica, I can't believe its been so long since you've left us. It seems like yesterday that I was driving your grandpa and grandma up to say goodbye. I miss watching you grow up, you were always so smart. I miss the time that we all spent together as a family at grandpa's house in south carolina, you would have been one mean Polish poker player. I think about you and Brian and your mother everyday and I know you are looking out for them and that makes smile. And on a lighter note, thanks for making me feel old when I tell people that my oldest niece would be 24 this year, you and Micheal turned me into old uncle Josh when I was three, not fair. -love Josh Close
miss you  / Becky Parker (friend)  Read >>
miss you  / Becky Parker (friend)

Erica I miss you so much! I think about you everyday. I wish you were here to meet my daughter McKenzie! She is wonderful! I miss you girl. I miss our wawa trips to get our apple cider french vanilla and pumpkin spice with our sweet cream cheese pretzels!!

I love you girl!

Keep shining down and please keep an eye out for my daughter and be her guardian angel!

Michelle's Beautiful Baby Girl  / Jules (Cousin)  Read >>
Michelle's Beautiful Baby Girl  / Jules (Cousin)
Erica Michelle and Bobby had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl today they named after you which I'm sure you already know :) I wanted to thank you for watching down over all of them today and helping with such a sweet little addition to our family. Michelle is going to make such a wonderful mother. Keep an eye out on the little one for her and kiss your dad and Papa for all of us. I can't wait to tell Erica Grace about the amazing people she has looking down over her. Love and miss you Erica. Love always and forever Jules Close
6 years ago..  / Ryan Recupero   Read >>
6 years ago..  / Ryan Recupero
6 years ago you were so quickly taken from us. I have so many memories of us but one stands out and that was the weekend before the accident. It's just crazy to me we had spent that whole weekend together and then just like that you were gone. Gosh we had some crazy times that weekend! ;) Now that I have a child myself I can more or less understand what your mom has been going through the last 6 years. She is such a strong woman and I know you are so proud of her. The pain of missing you will never go away and I will never forget you. You hold a special place in my heart and always always will. <3 I love you! Close
Love you  / Nanny   Read >>
Love you  / Nanny

Hi my Angel I can't believe another year has come and gone with you not here. Jesse's married Julie is off at JMU Brian is going to graduate and Michelle is getting ready to have baby Erica Grace.

Life has changed so much in 6 years.  I wish you were here to share it with us. We won't let life just go on without some kind of tribute to you ever.

I know your Mom and Brian are so happy that so many of your friends still remember all the happiness you brought into their life. I know I am.

I saw the snow today (thank you)  I know you and your Dad are doing ok. Please give him a kiss for me and tell him I miss and love him so much. I know he is smiling down on us with you right there. He has his baby girl now.

I wish I could go back in time when all 5 of you were little again...I miss that life.....I just miss you Erica! I miss our family.

You will forever be in my heart. Love you my Angel xoxoxo

Still thinking about you  / Jenny (Friend)  Read >>
Still thinking about you  / Jenny (Friend)
it seems like just yesterday that you were passing me in the hallways at school making some kind of goofy face or doing something crazy to put a smile on my face.  i think about those days often.   each time i drive down hull street i blow you a kiss and tell you hello. you have touched my life in more ways then you can imagine.  i miss you and love you dearly.  p.s. you have a section of flowers that have been planted in my front yard...they are just for you! So each time i walk out of my house or i pull into my driveway i will look at them think of you and smile instantly. Close
six years later ...  / Jamie West (Family)  Read >>
six years later ...  / Jamie West (Family)

Six years later ...

I am alive and still missing you

Six years later ...

I am still in college and still missing you

Six years later ...

I am still fat man dancing still singing "Whoaa Amber is the color of your AnErGy" and still missing you

Six years later ...

I am married and stilll missing you

Six years later ...

Nothings changed... because I still cant believe that you are gone and it still hurts every day that I was left here and you were not and I still with every part of my being at every second of each day ... miss you

Happy Birthday  / Michelle McDorman (Cousin)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Michelle McDorman (Cousin)


Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! I think about you all the time. I wanted to let you know that you are going to have a new baby cousin. (I'm sure you already know that though.) Everyone is so excited (Especially Nanny and Uncle Timmy)! The baby is due Maart 5th. I know you will watch over him/her. I will tell the baby ALL about you. I miss you so much and love you with all of my heart!

Love Always


Happy Early Birthday  / Craig Waterworth (Best Friends )  Read >>
Happy Early Birthday  / Craig Waterworth (Best Friends )
      The first tattoo of many now was the one on my shoulder for you.  Often people ask me about my tattoos and I love getting to share with people the one about you.  That ink will be with me forever and i am thankful for that because it means I will keep you with me forever.  I miss you baby girl and i love you.  I'll see you in heaven! Watch over us all... Close
Short and Sweet  / Claudia   Read >>
Short and Sweet  / Claudia

Hey Doll ...

I just wanted to make this short and sweet.

I miss you SO much everyday. I wish so badly that you could have met Tyler and our amazing daughter Kendal. Then reality hit me that you sent Tyler to me and helped God create Kendal. She is such an amazing person. Time just flies by now that i am a mommy.

Thank you for looking out for her through all these illnesses. Her lungs just seem to get weaker and weaker and I know you help to bring her stronger and stronger. Her birthday was in Mei. She sent you up her favorite Elmo balloon with a special message. I know you enjoied that. :) I tell her stories of you all the time. Everyone may think she's too young to understand but I know she knows who I am talking about.

I miss our times we spent together at the beach and our slumber parties. "WHERE'S THE OTHER ONE!!!" lol I will NEVER forget that...

Anyways chicky im back to work now. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and thanks again for helping us through Kendals illness. I love you and miss you like crazy.

Love Claudia Kendal and Tyler :)

thinking of you on my special day  / Jamie Colgin (family)  Read >>
thinking of you on my special day  / Jamie Colgin (family)
Well today is my wedding day.. WOW! I thought only this could happen to you and kristin (who i now call barbie) but it is here ... I wish you could be standing with us but you are forever in our hearts so i know you are here with us :) I hope I look as Amazing as your beautiful smile ... and please ask God to hold off the rain for us :) I love and miss you!! JAMIE Close
MISS you and LOVE you  / Shell (cousin)  Read >>
MISS you and LOVE you  / Shell (cousin)


Februari 21-25 2005 was the worst week of my life. I can't believe it has been five years. I still remember it like it was yesterday. You meant the world to me and EVERYONE who knew you. I think about you all the time and wish you were here. When Bobby and I got married it was the happiest day of my life but also one of the sadist because you were not there to share it with me. We always talked about what it would be like when we got married and I always knew you would be in my wedding but things don't always work out the way we plan for them to. I miss talking to you singing with you shopping with you laughing with you hugging you...I just miss YOU!!! We always had fun together. You made EVERYTHING fun. You were an amazing person. Julie reminds me so much of you. She is smart silly fun outgoing and spoiled! =) She graduates this year and I know you will be looking down on her smiling. Jesse is getting married in Mei and I know you will be there too. We all miss you so much and think about you all the time. You will NEVER be forgotten. I love you with all of my heart...I ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will!!! 

Love Always and Forever


Love you  / Nanny   Read >>
Love you  / Nanny
Hi my angel. I can't believe it has been 5 years and today it seams like it just happened.  People always said it would get easier. I would say easier I would say different. When I think of you I always remember the funny silly things you did but during this week I start to have a pitty party for myself and others. I relive everything in my head from the moment I got the phone call. But then I think of how upset you would be at me and others for feeling this way. I am so thankful that you are still remembered by so many of your friends and I'm sure your Mom and Dad are too. What a difference you have made in so many lifes. There has been a lot of things in our life that has changed somethings sad somethings happy but I'm sure you know all this because we can always feel you with us. Michelle got married and can you believe Jesse is going to get married in Mei! Julie will graduate this year and she just turned 18 so you know what she has been talking about ...her tattoo. Brian has grown up to be a person you would be so proud of I know we are. Erica in every special moment we ALWAYS remember you in some way or another. I don't care how many years pass you will always be one of my baby girls and will never be forgotten. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much. Close
Thinking of you  / Tina (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Tina (Friend)

    Erica It's been five years almost since the lord took you away from us. Many things have changed since you've been gone. A poem that has really changed my outlook on things is "when tomorrow starts without me" by David Romano. I know you've heard it plenty of times before but you've changed my life. Even with you gone you're presence still lingers here and continues to guide me. Every day I think about you. You're family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. We love you and miss you. Until we meet again.

Missing you  / Michelle (Cousin)  Read >>
Missing you  / Michelle (Cousin)


I miss you so much!!! I can't believe it's almost been 5 years. I think about you every day. I know you are still with me...I can feel you. I love you...ALWAYS and FOREVER!!!


Miss Erica!  / Ryan Recupero   Read >>
Miss Erica!  / Ryan Recupero

Well hey there Miss Erica. It has been a while.. It's coming up on 5 years which is unbelievable. I miss you everyday but I'm pretty sure that'll never change. :)


"So much of me is made of what i learned from you you'll be with me. like a handprint on my heart. and now whatever way our stories end i know you have rewritten mine by being my friend."


I love you always always.  

newnews / Jamie (Family)  Read >>
newnews / Jamie (Family)

Well Beautiful one ... someone wants to marry me ... crazzy right - its ok though i think you would approve hes cute and sweet   and since you love sunflowers Kristin is going to carry them to make sure everyone knows you are with us ... annnnddd shane tried to steal the fat man dance but I said NOOOOO -- it belongs to ME and ERICA ONLY!! If he trys it again i will give him an old fashion beat down :)  -- also we will be throwing sunflower seeds and your pic will be with us rocking out at the dance reception! We love and miss you sooooo much -- and I hope I make you proud - and I think about you everyday --


I Misses You !


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